To achieve the supreme vision in that Naresuan University is one of the top ten Thai universities in 2017, the university fully shifts its direction towards ASEANization and internationalization as clearly indicated in a strategic plan and highlighted when I took my second term as President of Naresuan University in January 19, 2013. Building overseas strategic alliances is the key to pave a way for a better standing of the university in international arena, and, by initiating linkages with international partners, the university prioritizes these collaborative activities: exchange of staff and students, sending staff for sabbaticals, receiving recognized visiting professors/co-supervisors, and collaborative research at Faculty level and through Centers of Excellence.To implement this, an enhancement of awareness in working as a network is vital, and the university encourages its personnel and students to immerse in English training programs, besides third language courses which continue to grow in demand of labor market, and exchange activities — jointly delivered with partnered universities — which will be launched more frequently as Naresuan University is dedicating in making all cooperative arrangements active as many as possible.This will ensure that the university moves forward steadily with the firm direction laid out by every single person towards internationalization.

Prof. Dr.Sujin Jinahyon
President of Naresuan University