With a continual increase of international students who are seeking for learning opportunities at Naresuan University, the university values them as a great asset to help develop not only international standing of the university but merge seamlessly with Thai students in learning and cultural activities. These overseas students are also encouraged to spend unoccupied time at Faculties or Divisions to assist in assigned duties and receive wages in order to obtain professional skills prior to their employment.

Registered international students could maximize their working ability by conducting a kind of ‘on the job training’ with any Divisions/Faculties where demands of the English language and third languages are required. Please direct your interest to Division of Student Affairs and leave a one-page CV (should specifically indicated what kind of duty you would like to contribute to) for further consideration by interested Divisions/Faculties. Typical daily wage is 200 baht is dispensed for your effort in providing assistance to Naresuan University bodies. Bear in mind that the final verdict will be made by recipient units.