Enhancing Experiences for NU Students at 3 Partnered Universities

3 groups of NU students have been participating in short term exchange program at 1) Orkhon University, Mongolia, 2) Dongseo University, Korea, and 3) IMUS Institute, the Philippines. Activities are described below:
Orkhon University: 2 students from Humanities and Dentistry have taken part in a summer camp program from July 5 to August 2, 2013
Dongseo University: 2 academic staff in Humanities and International College plus 3 students from International College and Architecture have attended Asia Summer Program 2013 (ASP) on July 7-29, 2013
IMUS Institute: 22 students from Humanities, BEC, and International College have joined English capacity upgrade and intercultural activities at the institute from July 7 and August 8, 2013

Not only are the students expected to obtain English language skills shared by overseas friends, they are encourage to exchange points of view towards different cultures and traditions so that this knowledge could usefully be applied to their subsequent careers and get themselves ready for the upcoming ASEAN Community.

Exchange Program DSU