A Mycology Research Group to Be Launched

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kevin D. Hyde, a lecturer from School of Science, Mae Fah Luang University, met with President Sujin and representatives from Faculty of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, Faculty of Medical Sciences, and Faculty of Science to explore a possible cooperation in mycology. This could usefully be implemented under the umbrella of Center of Excellence where NU may need to employ an international staff who is a pure mycologist and draw participation from NU staff interested in mycology. Dr. Hyde also visited Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Medical Sciences to vet in details of cooperation and share experience with scientists in the 2 Faculties, including Faculty of Science. Dr. Hyde planned to send few highly-qualified international students to study at NU and to serve as research assistants for academic staff members.

The discussion took place on Friday, August 9, 2013 at 11.00 at Naresuan Room 1, Office of the President.