Naresuan University Forges Cooperation with EMTAC-ASIA

Mr. Bae Sukman, Chairman of EMTAC-ASIA, Korea, met with President Sujin Jinahyon to sign a cooperative arrangement
in providing assistance to Naresuan University in smart campus, supercomputer deployment, supercomputer centre
development, training, collaborative research, energy saving system, ground water development (natural mineral water),
and future value creating growth business. To formalize the plan of supercomputer deployment, the parties are required
to conduct research and bring essential information into a venue conference at the end of 2013 and weed out important
details obtained from the conference to identify the size and purposes of supercomputer before an actual implementation
of its set up will be carried out.
A signing ceremony between EMTAC-ASIA and Naresuan University occurred on Friday, May 3, 2013 at 13.30 at Naresuan Room 1,Office of the President.