University partnerships

Naresuan University is a leading research institution collaborating with other top international universities around the globe. We have a wide range of official partnerships to share resources and expertise, as detailed below.

Country Name of University/Insitute Signed date Expired date
Australia Central Queensland University 2-Mar-11 2-Mar-16
Australia Macquarie University 11-Feb-11 11-Feb-16
Australia The Australian College of Health Service Executives 18-Nov-05 Until terminated
Australia The University of Western Australia 26-Oct-09 26-Oct-14
Australia University of New England 14-Feb-11 14-Feb-16
Australia University of Wollongong 12-Sep-07 12-Sep-13
Belgium The University of Liege (Ulg) 21-Mar-13 21-Mar-18
Cambodia Cambodian University for Specialties 25-Mar-13 25-Mar-16
Cambodia University of Health Sciences 21-Jun-11 21-Jun-16
China Dongfang International Center for Educational Exchange, China Scholarship Council 15-Jan-08 15-Jan-13
China Guangxi University 13-Dec-12 13-Dec-17
China Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry 15-Mar-13 Until terminated
China Oxbridge College, Kunming University of Science and Technology 7-Jun-12 7-Jun-17
China Thai-China Business Center, Nanning 28-Jan-13 28-Jan-16
China The Institute of Subtropical Agriculture (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 29-May-09 29-May-14
China Tianjin Normal University 6-Sep-08 6-Sep-13
China Xinjiang Medical University 4-Jul-11 4-Jul-16
England Newcastle University 3-Jul-11 3-Jul-14
England University of Kent 3-Dec-08 Until terminated
France L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie 2012 31-Dec-13
France Université de Franche- Comté 1-Sep-10 1-Sep-15
France Université de La Rochelle 14-Feb-06 Until terminated
France Université du Maine On process from other party
France University of Avignon 11-Apr-07 Until terminated
Germany Fachhochschule Stralsund, University of Applied Sciences 13-Oct-10 13-Oct-15
Germany Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Lemgo 24-Feb-11 Until terminated
Germany University of Tübingen 21-Jun-11 21-Jun-17
India Jaipuria Institute of Management Nov-07 No Indication
India The University of Madras 1-Feb-11 1-Feb-16
Indonesia Mulawarman University 1-Mar-13 Until terminated
Indonesia Sriwijaya University 15-Dec-12 15-Dec-17
Indonesia Universitas Airlangga 6-May-13 6-May-16
Indonesia Universitas Hindu Indonesia 2-Mar-12 2-Mar-17
Indonesia Universitas Islam Sultan Agung 15-Dec-12 Until terminated
Indonesia Universitas Negeri Semarang 9-Jun-11 9-Jun-16
Indonesia Universitas Tanjungpura 20-Dec-12 20-Dec-17
Indonesia Yogyakarta State University 11-Apr-12 11-Apr-17
Italy Politechnico Di Torino 25-Nov-11 25-Nov-14
Japan Aichi University 23-Jun-99 Until terminated
Japan Complementary Alternative Medicine Academy 12-Jun-12 12-Jun-15
Japan Ishikawa Prefectural University 22-Sep-08 22-Sep-13
Japan Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Company Limited 24-Jun-12 24-Jun-17
Japan Osaka International University 3-Jun-13 Until terminated
Japan Tokyo Medical and Dental University 15-Jun-09 15-Jun-14
Japan Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 15-Oct-12 31-Aug-17
Korea Changwon National University 15-Mar-11 15-Mar-16
Korea Daegu Health College 15-Feb-13 15-Feb-18
Korea Dongduk Woman’s University 21-Mar-12 21-Mar-17
Korea Dongseo University 15-Feb-13 15-Feb-16
Korea EMTAC-ASIA CO., LTD. 3-May-13 3-May-16
Korea Ewha Womans University’s College of Education 6-May-09 6-May-14
Korea Kyung Hee University 9-Aug-10 9-Aug-15
Korea Mokwon University 1-Nov-12 1-Nov-15
Korea University of UISAN 3-Jul-12 3-Jul-17
Lao PDR University of Health Sciences 2-Mar-11 2-Mar-16
Malaysia Solar Energy Research Institute, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 10-Jan-13 Until terminated
Malaysia Universiti Putra Malaysia 15-Feb-12 15-Feb-17
Malaysia University of Malaya 28-Jan-11 28-Jan-16
Mogolia National University of Mongolia 14-Feb-13 14-Feb-18
Mogolia Orkhon University 31-Oct-12 31-Oct-15
Myanmar Yangon University of Foreign Language 27-May-13 27-May-16
New Zealand Massey University 1-Mar-10 1-Mar-15
Philippines Panpacific University North Philippines 31-Oct-12 31-Oct-15
Switzerland Bühler and Bühler AG 28-Nov-12 28-Nov-17
Taiwan Natioanl Pingtung University of Science and Technology 15-Feb-13 15-Feb-18
Taiwan National Central University 1-Nov-12 Until terminated
Taiwan National Taipei University of Technology 18-Jun-12 18-Jun-17
Thailand Monsanto Thailand Limited 23-Aug-12 Until terminated
Thailand The Asian Institute of Technology 27-Apr-10 27-Apr-13
USA Auburn University 4-Sep-12 4-Sep-17
USA Florida Atlantic University 3-Apr-12 3-Apr-17
USA Indiana University School of Dentistry 23-Nov-99 Until terminated
USA Medaille College 7-May-13 7-May-18
USA Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation 28-Jul-07 No Indication
USA University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth 14-May-10 14-May-14
USA University of Texas-Pan American 10-Nov-11 10 Nov 16
USA University of Wisconsin-Madison 11-May-12 11-May-17
Vietnam Hanoi University (HANU) 21-Mar-12 21-Mar-17
Vietnam Nong Lam University 24-Oct-12 Until terminated
Vietnam Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy 29-Jul-11 30-Jun-17
Vietnam University of Social Sciences and Humanities 1-Sep-11 1-Sep-16

University memberships

Naresuan University is also a member of a number of prestigious international organisations.

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