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B.B.A Tourism Business Management

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industry knowledge and skills for a career within hospitality and tourism or related sectors’ either locally or internationally with a touch of thainess. … >> Read more

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Ph.D Logistics and Supply Chain

The College of Logistics and Supply Chain at Naresuan University is the first of its kind established in a government university in Thailand. The main purpose is to study, research, and provide services … >> Read more

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B.B.A Human Resource Management

The key factor in an organization’s success is quality of its employees. Human Resource Management plays an increasingly important role in a global marketplace where nations are rapidly moving from industrial based economics to knowledge based economics. … >> Read more

testInternational Program

Ph.D Renewable Energy

This is the first and outstanding program of its kind in Thailand in graduate studies. Highlighting sustainable energy, our school designed a permanent display of an energy park. The authentic sustainable energy at work is the first showcase in Asia. … >> Read more

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