Vision / Mission

Vision / Mission

Naresuan University becomes a research-based university before 2017

The university focuses on three management approaches including 1) Hybrid. The university is to promote new knowledge and diverse skills to be applied and accepted nationally and internationally; 2) Partnerships. Strengthening partnership is one of the keys to help the university produce well-qualified students, research, and academic services, which leads to economic and social development and 3) Networking. The university continuously initiates networks with Thai and foreign institutions in order to promote the production of well-qualified students, commercialized research, and academic services to maximize the university capability as well as data and resource management. All of which correspond with the vision that Naresuan University becomes one of the top 250 universities ranked by QS World University Ranking before 2021.​


4 major policies to drive towards its goals. Those include 1) well-qualified students; 2) research excellence; 3) academic services and 4) arts and culture conservation.

Well-qualified students.

The University is to produce students who can potentially achieve not only academic excellence but be ethical and moral. The students are expected to be a model for a healthy and peaceful society.

Research excellence.

Applied research is being focused and developed. This includes the communication of research outcomes to the community resulting in economic and social development.

Academic services.

Activities are varied to appropriately serve the society in terms of wisdom and learning. This will require a proactive role for the university to properly approach each community and be a reliable hub of knowledge.

Arts and culture conservation.

The university will play roles in arts and culture conservation, including Thai unique tradition.