About Naresuan University

About Naresuan University​

  Naresuan University emphasizes the improvement of educational opportunity and equity for all as one of the top government university in Thailand. A strong focus is placed upon research, innovation, partnership, and internationalization. Naresuan University aspires to be the University of Innovation. It is strategically located at the heart of the Thai Kingdom, Phitsanolok province, the major city of the lower northern region and more importantly, the birthplace of King Naresuan the Great for whom our University is named. In line with the auspicious date of the 400th anniversary of King Naresuan the Great’s accession to the throne, the University was officially founded on July 29, 1990. The institution’s history can, however, be traced back to its inception as the College of Education in 1967.

The comprehensive university lives up to the public expectations in providing diverse, cutting-edge programs through 22 faculties, colleges, and a demonstration school. Our vision statement affirms a commitment to continue proactive roles in promoting high standards in higher education both in the national and international arenas. Through ongoing review and the development of new paradigms of the best practice, the university continues to improve the quality of teaching and learning, especially highlighting the project-based, inquiry model throughout the university. All the programs are continuously enriched and informed by the rapid transfer of new knowledge used in ongoing curriculum improvements. To  produce graduates of international standing, where expertise is in high demand and whose contributions and practice are of the highest caliber and integrity, the university instills in students at all levels the six “smarts”:


the university instills in students at all levels the six “smarts”

Smart with ideas


Smart at problem solving​



Smart at work​


Smart in people skills​


Smart in life skills​


Smartly equipped with knowledge, skills, and


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