Tuition and Other Educational Fees

The tuition fee structure of Naresuan University is categorized into tuition and university fees, both of which are mandatory payments to be made by students in Thai Baht at the commencement of each semester. The complete breakdown of the tuition and university fees is presented as follows:

Table 1 Tuition and Other Educational Fees


Fees Bachelor’s Degree (4 yrs.) Master’s Degree (2 yrs.) Doctoral Degree (3 yrs.)
Tuition Fee
80,000 – 306,400 Baht
120,000 - 400,000 Baht
150,000 – 600,000 Baht
International Student Fee
60,000 Baht
30,000 Baht
45,000 Baht
University Fee
8,800 Baht
4,400 Baht
6,600 Baht

*34.10 Baht = 1 USD (as of May 2023)