Naresuan University joins forces with the private sector

Naresuan University is showing two innovative natural products for commercialization. On October 6, 2022, Naresuan University, in collaboration with Nova Health Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the T. Man Pharmaceutical Group, announced the “Research and Development of Innovative Products from Natural Extracts for Commercialization” presentation. 2 Innovative products from natural extracts are an “Anti-inflammatory cream that also helps in swelling reduction after cosmetic surgery” and a “Master toothpaste with hemp seed extract”. There is a research facility for cosmetics and natural products under the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Naresuan University, together with Nova Health Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of T. Man Pharmaceutical Group, participated in the development and research. Associate professor Dr. Neti Waranuch, Director of Cosmetics and Natural Products Research Center at Naresuan University revealed that the majority of the public is now increasingly concerned about their health, beauty and appearance. This trend has led to an increase in the demand for cosmetic surgery and skin treatments with reliance on laser technology. However, the problem after laser treatment is that the skin is dry, very weak, and may have burning, redness, and more than usual sensitivity to the sun, as well as other cosmetic surgery cases that can affect swelling and inflammation of the skin, so the skin needs a lot of extra care. Therefore, the research team has developed a product “Anti-inflammatory cream and swelling reduction after cosmetic surgery” intended for use in beauty clinics, which contains a mixture of Thai herbal extracts that have good properties to care for and restore inflamed skin. It soothes and moisturizes the skin. Also, “anti-inflammatory creams reduce swelling after cosmetic surgery”. This natural herb can also reduce the importation of expensive chemical raw materials.

     The AIC-complex (Anti-inflammatory cytokines complex) has been tested to confirm its efficacy in skin cells (keratinocytes) that are induced to inflame conditions. With UVB irradiation, it was found that the developed herbal extracts can control the inflammatory state of skin cells well. Therefore, it has developed into a cream for use with various forms of irritated dermatitis and conditions involving swelling. Associate Professor Dr.Tasana Pitaksuteepong, Lecturer in the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacology, Naresuan University, indicated that hemp-based products are currently an interesting new trend both at home and abroad. In addition to that, research has shown that hemp seed oil extracts contain omega-6 and omega-3, which are reported to have anti-inflammatory properties. This reduces pain and tooth sensitivity. Therefore, it has evolved into innovation. “A prototype toothpaste product with hemp seed extract.” To enable the continuous and comprehensive development of hemp and hemp products that meet the requirements of the law and are safe to use effectively.