Naresuan University to Link with LinkedIn


Received by President of Naresuan University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sarintip Tantanee, Ms. Rapeeporn Pimchaipong, Enterprise Lead from LinkedIn Singapore, discussed how the company could work closely with the university in terms of assisting staff and students in teaching and learning activities.  With a vast number of social media channels, LinkedIn has proved to be a well-regarded platform specifically designed for professionals around the globe to get connected and share their knowledge, tips, tricks and tactics in a variety of career advancement and job employability for those who just graduated.  With a huge library of online courses, currently at 18,000+ with AI translated Thai subtitles, and linkages with over 120,000 universities, LinkedIn could greatly facilitate students to achieve LinkedIn profiles to take advantage of job applications, which are nowadays highly competitive.  Emphasizing soft skill modules, NU students would be able to develop required interpersonal skills essentially needed in office spaces besides hard skills learned from the classroom.  There are approximately active 4,000 NU users in the LinkedIn community.

The meet-up took place on Wednesday, September 6, 2023 at 09.30 at Naresuan Meeting Room 2, Office of the President.