Delegation from Centro Escolar University Visits Naresuan University


Executive staff members, led by Dr. Erna V. Yabut, Vice President, from Centro Escolar University (CEU), the Philippines met with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sarintip Tantanee, President of Naresuan University to explore possible cooperation, particularly in research and exchange of staff members and students between the two universities.  CEU team is keen to develop collaborative research, specifically in cosmetics science and pharmaceutical sciences and exchange of students with interested faculties/schools.  The group spent a visit at Faculty of Business, Economics and Communications (BEC) to exchange points of view towards process and requirements for AUNQA certified curricula.  Presently, there are 8 programs (4 bachelor’s, 2 master’s and 2 Ph.D) in BEC being endorsed under AUNQA scheme.  Discussion at BEC included a possibility of student mobility under credit transfer.  CEU team also paid a visit at NU Library to learn available resources, facilities and services offered for Naresuan University community; huge collections of books stored in 6 storied building are easily accessed not to mention QR code for sign-in/sign-out through Line application for clients’ convenience.  A tour to Medical Device Research Laboratory and Pilot Plant at NU Science Park were also included.  The visitation concluded with a discussion with Educational Quality Development Division (EQDD) to share experiences how Naresuan University moved forward ranking systems indexed by a number of agencies and institutional quality assurance to ascertain that each of the programs delivered were up to standard and met stakeholders’ demands.

The visit took place on Friday, September 8, 2023 from 09.20 to 14.00 at Naresuan University.