Naresuan University’s Involvement in the SECRA Project: Partner Institution Staff Mobility Activity in Östersund, Sweden

Associate Professor Dr. Sarinthip Tanthani, the Acting President of Naresuan University, led a delegation that included Dr. Pisut Aphichayakul, Vice President for International Relations and Technology Transfer, Assistant Professor Prof. Dr. Kamphon Subsomboon, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Assistant Professor Prof. Dr. Panu Buranjarukorn, Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs in the Faculty of Engineering, and Dr. Orawan Sirisawat Apichayakul, a Lecturer in the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics, and Communication. They actively participated in the Partner Institution Staff Mobility activity hosted at Mid Sweden University, Campus Östersund, Sweden, as part of the “Strengthening University-Enterprise Collaboration for Resilient Communities in Asia” project, also known as the SECRA project, from October 9th to October 13th, 2023. The primary objectives of their involvement were to engage in academic exchanges, receive specialized training, and present a comprehensive report on the progress of operations within the SECRA project.

On October 12th, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sarinthip Tanthani, Acting President of Naresuan University, served as the team leader for Naresuan University and held the role of Thailand’s team leader (Country Lead). She collaborated with an international network of academics, including representatives from Sweden, England, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Thailand. Together, they presented research findings on “University Enterprise Collaboration and Disaster Resilience,” with a particular focus on the topic, “Under the Dome of UEC & DR: The Story of Inventing a Disaster Resilience-Related Research Project—Research Title: Contribution of PM 2.5 from Neighboring Countries to PM 2.5 Levels in the Eastern and North-Eastern Regions of Thailand.”

Moreover, during this remarkable journey, the delegation had the unique opportunity to explore and study the facilities at the Risk and Crisis Research Center (RCR), the RCR Simulation Lab, the Sports Tech Research Centre, the Wind Tunnel Lab, Peak Innovation, and the environmentally conscious construction site featuring wooden buildings, as well as a recycling center.

The program also included participation in the SECRA Conference, engaging in an Innovation and Start-up field exploration, and further study at the RCR Simulation Lab, all of which took place from October 9th to October 13th, 2023, at Mid Sweden University, Campus Östersund, Sweden.

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