Naresuan University Breaks New Ground with Innovative Teak Leaf Hair Color Gel


In a pioneering move towards sustainable beauty solutions, Assistant Professor Dr. Pensri Charoensit, a lecturer in the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Naresuan University, has led a research team in developing an innovative “Hair Color Changing Gel” containing teak leaf extract. This groundbreaking product, funded by the National Research Council, is now poised for commercialization.

Teak, a plant of significant economic importance, annually yields abundant leaves during its maintenance. Recognizing the untapped potential of these leaves, the research team, which includes Associate Professor Dr. Nanthaka Korana, Assistant Professor Dr. Nuengruthai Suphrom, and Miss Nattawadee Tipkawin, conceptualized the idea of processing teak leaves for cosmetic benefits. Teak leaves boast various pigments, notably flavonoids and anthraquinones, which lend themselves to creating a diverse range of colors. Leveraging three petty patents, the team developed different extraction methods, resulting in color extracts that are not only vibrant but also durable and environmentally friendly.

Building on this discovery, the researchers found that teak leaf extract could effectively dye hair. Two additional petty patents were registered for “Hair Color Changing Gel Product” and “Hair Color Changing Cream Product.” This innovation highlights the versatility of teak leaves as a natural dye source, offering a sustainable alternative to synthetic dyes in cosmetic products. Beyond cosmetic benefits, the use of teak leaves in this context contributes to waste reduction in agriculture and enhances the economic value of teak leaves.

Given the rising global interest in environmentally friendly and safe products, the “Hair Color Gel Products containing Teak Leaf Extract” innovation is now ready for commercialization. This move aligns with Naresuan University’s vision of being a “University for the Society of Entrepreneurs.” For further details, please contact Assistant Professor Dr. Pensri Charoensit at 055 961874 or, or Ms. Sirinthip Intharapasit at 055 963650 or